Paparwark Furniture was founded by Cecil Tait in 2003.  Cecil is renowned for the quality of his craftsmanship and innovative use of traditional techniques.  He has developed an exciting range of furniture which can be modified to customers requirements.  Working very closely with clients he creates unique, bespoke furniture to exact specifications. Cecil is a native Shetlander and comes from a crofting family.  He decided to pursue a career in furniture making at an early age and after leaving school studied at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing, before taking a BA (Hons) in Furniture Craftsmanship and Design at High Wycombe.  Upon his return to Shetland he set up Paparwark Furniture, named after the Celtic monks who lived in Shetland about 1000 years ago.

Paparwark Furniture is now based in Ireland, Bigton overlooking St Ninian Isle.  The workshop is located in this very scene area  with a unobstructed view of  this popular tourist attraction and the historic Celtic chapel which helped inspire the name of the company. so being the perfect location for Cecil’s blend of traditional work and modern pieces all closely tied to Shetland’s heritage and culture.