To commission a craftsman to produce an unique piece of furniture for your home is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. You get a product of high quality which will meet all of your requirements. There are several stages to this process, and we will keep you updated as we go through this journey with you.

Design Brief

It really helps if you know what you need, from your list of requirements we create a design brief.  The brief must be agreed upon by everyone involved before proceeding as it sets out the design style, specifications and how the final piece is required to function. We also give you a ball park figure of how much it might cost or alternatively you give us a budget to work to.

That was the free part!

Concept ideas

From the design brief, concepts are produced in the form of sketches, drawings and models, or more often 3D computer drawings which can be e mailed to you to think about.

There is a fee of between £25 to £500 for this. On average this is about 10% of the overall cost . This has to be paid even if you decide to walk away from the project at this point.

Refinement of ideas

We discuss the ideas to see if you are happy with the overall concepts. Small changes can be made for free. If we have misunderstood you completely we go back to the drawing board and resubmit concepts for free. If you have changed your mind from the design brief then further costs will be incurred.

Manufacturing development

The next step is to develop the idea for production with working drawings. We would also finalise the costs and a deposit of 50% would be required.


Now the fun begins with the manufacturing. You are welcome to visit the workshop to see how the piece is developing, and we’ll post photos to your client page as we go.


Delivery in Shetland is done by ourselves. Outwith Shetland we use several excellent transport companies who can deliver all around the UK and beyond.

Client Project Area

We want you to be involved in the entire process of commissioning a piece of furniture and so we’ve created a client area of the website so you can see the progress of your piece as it happens. Enter your unique password below to see your project. To see an example page, enter ‘example’ as the password.

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