Project Description

In the summer of 2010 I travelled to Norway to take part in a cultural exchange. There I learned how to hand craft a Viking weaving loom using only traditional tools such as axes and planes. I developed several  new ideas from the new skills I learned on the trip. One of the traditional woodworking methods in Norway was using timber that had grown in the correct shape needed (Emnet). This reduced the need to joint timber together and was much stronger.

The Emnet console table is inspired from this method of construction and blends together this tradition and the high quality British cabinet making tradition which I was trained in. The uprights are Shetland grown Sycamore left in their natural shape with the bark removed using hand tools. In contrast to this is the horizontal base and table top which is made from an African hardwood called Bubinga and polished to a high quality finish. The variety of local and imported, natural and straight, rough and smooth create an elegant blend of traditions and styles.

Timber: Shetland sycamore, bubinga

Finish: Danish oil

Size: 1200mm long x 300mm wide x 1110mm high