We are really excited about the guitar stand stool! I developed a prototype stool when I was studying at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing, now known as the Metropolitan college.

So what is it? It functions as both a guitar stand and a stool with storage space for sheet music. Pick up your guitar from the stand, turn the stand over and you have a stool to sit on!
The form was inspired from Art Nouveau and the beautiful curved shapes found in that art style. The detailing reflects different aspects of the guitar. The seat has the shape of a plectrum; the timber slip tongue jointing also looks like strings on a guitar; the steel rods reflect the positioning of the frets and the doweling detail matches the machine heads for tuning. All together these features create a harmony in the design. In addition the seat is hand carved with gouge detailing, giving it a quality hand crafted touch.

A variety of timbers are used in the construction. It is made with a Beech body and Maple plectrum seat. Cherry is used for the strings and machine heads with powder coated steel frame and frets.
The overall size is 800mm high, 450mm deep (seating height) and 360mm wide. Weight 9kg.

The guitar stand is able to hold the larger body guitars like the Epiphione which is demonstrated in the picture.

The guitar stand stool is hand made to order and prices start from £900 – £1200.