West Lynne Wool

West Lynne Wool celebrates the culmination of six generations of crofters and their sheep in a special blend of yarn from their ancestral Shetland home.

A few years ago  the Tait family came into contact with visitors to Shetland who were keen to learn about crofting and also to buy wool and yarn from small local producers.  Tours and workshops were arranged in Bigton  as part of “Shetland Wool Week 2019.” The croft tours were a hit with the visitors  and the idea of turning their own wool into yarn and selling direct to visitors was born.

In early 2021 the first batch of wool was sent away for processing into yarn very much as an experiment.  A limited range of colours have been produced along with natural white and a blend of natural dark wool.  All colours are available in both 4 ply (Jumper Weight) and DK (Double knit.)

West Lynne is the name of Cecil and Jennifer’s house and croft.    Selling yarn is part of a new croft tourism venture where visitors can see the sheep,  see and handle fleeces from the most recent wool clip and then have the opportunity to buy yarn from the same croft.


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