The Adirondack chair is named after a mountain range in New York State, USA. It was invented by Thomas Lee from West Port Massachusetts.

The story goes that from 1900-1903 Lee worked on making a new chair that was prefect for the rugged terrain of the Adirondack mountains. He met a hunting friend called Harry Bunnell who was a carpenter. Lee gave Bunnell the chair design and he started producing the popular chair. They patented the design as the West Port chair in 1904. The chair evolved over time into its iconic design and is very popular as a lawn or bench chair. Also known as the Muskoka chair in Canada.

These chairs are made in larch which is a very durable timber of outside use.

Available in two sizes. Large and small. The small chair has one less bar in the seat which is ideal for folks with shorter legs.

The other special feature is that they can fold flat for easy storage over the winter months.

Ideal for enjoying the lovely long summer nights in Shetland!

These are available only by order at the moment as we have a issue with the website store allowing shipping globally which isn’t practical. If you would like to order then please phone 07717501084 or e mail through the contact page.