Project Description

The design brief for this baptismal font was to symbolise the fire of God coming apon a person at the moment of Baptism. This important belief for Christianity was the starting point for this design and the shape reflects the flowing movement of the divine presence at baptism. To create this dynamic shape we used a free form steam bending technique which was very challenging to develop. The steam bent layers of America white oak were built up around a mould which ¬†could be removed when the structure was self supporting. The bowl is suspended and was made from rare native grown burr elm. The church was named after St Columbas, ¬†one of the Celtic saint’s who first brought the Christian faith to Scotland. The contours of the bowl mirror the appearance of a coracle which was the style of boat used by these daring monks during their missionary endeavours.

The finished design is an exciting, organic and original piece of studio art which looks stunning at the front of the sanctuary in St Columbas Church of Scotland, Lerwick, Shetland.