Project Description

We made this communion table and chairs for the church I grew up in as a child. The fellowship wanted simple lines as this reflected their biblical understanding of how the church should be decorated.  Most Baptist Churches today don’t believe that elaborate decoration and embellished are a suitable way to reflect their faith in the humble carpenter from Nazareth who didn’t spend any of his time building places of worship except in the hearts of people.

The table has elegant handshape twisted legs and curved chamfered lines in the top which give the feeling of the spirit flowing in worship. The chairs are based on the traditional vernacular Shetland chairs which we produce.  It was from Dunrossness the district that this Church is located in that we did most of the research into traditional Shetland chair design, the old chairs were found in every home once upon a time.  We thought this was fitting as it represents the Church’s role of pastoral ministry in the local community.