During a cultural exchange trip to Norway where I was learning traditional woodworking techniques, I discovered a really interesting method of constructing buildings in a museum in Osteroy. As i looked at the interest jointing method it struck me that this same technique could be developed and used to make a really interesting table design which could be both very strong and able to be flat pack. Check out the video to see how it works.

Design brief self assembly furniture is commonly seem as cheap and poor quality. How can we change this?

Inspiration When on a trip to Norway I was working in a museum and noticed the traditional method which they used to construct their traditional barns from large logs.

Idea That same construction would work very well in furniture. You can make a table which is beautiful with a very interesting jointing method which would be the talking point of the design. It is also very strong which means you can make a flat pack table of high quality.

Solid 60mm square oak beams are used for the frame (strong enough to dance on!)

The legs and rails are connected using an interesting combination of traditional woodwork joints (bridle and half lap joints)

Contrasting hardwood timber wedge and pin details

The is glass is securely locked into place using decorative pins.

Toughened glass top for safety or solid timber top

Danish oil is used for a beautiful finish which is also easy to maintain

Easy assembly using the assembly instructions and online tutorial

Improved grip on the wedges is achieved by leaving the faces slightly rough for extra friction when securing them into place.

Any size Because of the way the jointing works this table design can be tailored to suit the size of your room or its function (coffee table or dining table)

Talking point This design will be an excellent centre piece of any room.

Easy delivery Because it can be easily taken apart this design is easy to ship with minimal freight costs.

Furniture care kit available with simple instructions on how to look after the timber

The standard table is 1000mm x 500mm x 450mm high.

£750 + free delivery in the UK