Project Description

The restin chair is the traditional bench (settle) which most homes in Shetland had in the past. This was the chair which was offered to visiting guests and also could be used as additional sleeping space in the small croft houses. The Shetland Collection was inspired from the traditional furniture found in the 19th century croft houses. This furniture had a beautiful simple style which looks great in modern homes.

The chairs are handmade.

We recommend 100% high quality American Oak because of the standard of the timber, However you can choose from a variety of other timbers like ash, elm and maple.

All joints are morticed and tennoned for superior quality and strength and panels are constructed to allow the timber to adapt to the moisture level in your home. These chairs feature quality Danish oil finish or, alternatively, we also do an ingrained finish where the grain is highlight through a stain technique for a more traditional look and style.