The Hap Stretcher is a must have for anyone who needs to block shawls made with pure wool. The ‘Hap’ is the Shetland name for a shawl, and this design has been used in Shetland for many generations. The shawl in the picture was made by Cecil’s great aunt who was still knitting these haps into her late ninety’s. It was all done from memory and Cecil can remember asking her to explain how it was done, he was amazed to realized that she didn’t need to follow a pattern, such was the skill of the Shetland knitters.

The stretcher is 2000mm square with several different locating positions to give multiple sizes of frame depending on the size of the hap to be blocked.

The hap stretcher has had an upgrade in its design. The long bars now come in two halves at 1m long with two dowels and a clip to hold them together. This means it is easier to store when not in use and much easier and cheaper to ship to you.