Our collection of coasters depict areas of Shetland where signs of archeological and cultural significance can be seen all around. The coasters we have created have sections of to-scale Shetland coastlines transferred onto them. The coasters we have designed feature:

  • Sumburgh – With The image of the Puffin – present in Shetland throughout the summer months – and the Lighthouse at the south end of Shetland.
  • St. Ninians Isle – Just across the bay from Paparwark Furniture, St. Ninians has a close significance to our company, featuring  a Celtic Cross and a brooch hidden from Viking raiders, remnants from a time long before.
  • Unst – Thought to be one of the first places that the Vikings discovered and landed at in Shetland, This coaster has the image of a Viking ship and a compass to emphasis the Vikings nautical prowess.
  • Fair Isle – The most Southerly island found between Orkney and Shetland, Fair Isle has great connections to Shetland and makes up one of its many inhabited islands. We chose the iconic Fair Isle knitting pattern known around the world, and a traditional Fair Isle design of straw-back chair – one that we have been lucky enough to produce and support its continuation.
  • Noss – A bird sanctuary found to the east of Bressay and Lerwick, previously inhabited many years ago there are still remnants of life there, such as the image of an old and decaying Yoal (boat). The island is now inhabited by Shetlands largest bird colony, mainly inhabited by Gannets that can be seen fishing out at sea.
  • Lerwick – The capital of Shetland, Lerwick has many ionic sights, not to mention the old Celtic broch located around a loch in town. We have added a Viking shield  and axes to represent Shetlands well documented tradition of ‘Up Helly Aa’.


Our small selection of coasters can be bought individually or in a set of 6. Each coaster is 100mm across and 12mm thick.