The faerdie maet box is a traditional design of picnic box which is similar to the shaker style boxes which were common in the USA. This style of box is inspired by the Scandinavia ‘Tine’ box. We were also helped in the design of this by a Norwegian intern call Gjermund who had learned their traditional technics back home in southern Norway.

The thin timber sides are soaked in hot water to make the fibers pliable and then they are bent around a mold to the correct shape.

There are several examples of this in the Shetland Museum and we thought it would be great to carry on the tradition. The Shetlandic name has a Scandinavian origin as in Norwegian today, ‘ferdig mat’ means ready food or take away!

Our boxes are available in ash and walnut veneer exclusively.


Please note; all timber variations are with regard to the veneer types, not what the lid and base are made from (for example a walnut veneered box may be produced with an ash base or lid, and may have other additions of walnut, oak, ash or elm in accordance with what timber is available to us at the time of production). Please contact us for specific alterations.


Large oval – 300mmx 175mm x 225mm

Large ellipse – 300mm x 185mm x 230mm

Medium ellipse – 280mm x 160mm x 210mm

Small ellipse – 190mm x 110mm x 120mm